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25-Jul-2017 03:35

But what if you adore your pooch so much that the usual dog biscuits and a game of fetch just won’t cut it?Here are some of of the most weird and wonderful ways to spoil our canine companions: Doggy radio: Germany has a new radio station dedicated to the needs of four-legged listeners.The publication All the Art continues to try and fill voids they see in the St. This weekend they tried to bridge the gap between art makers and organizations that show art.“It just gives us the chance to be able to make the connections that we need, that we might not know that’s available to us, so I think this is really beneficial to everyone,” said Jacqueline Craig, 27, creative head director of First Friday Art Walks, Old North, who will soon open Art C Gallery.Saturday, Sarah Hermes Greisbach and her editorial partner, Amy Reidel, held a three-hour event titled “Connect the Dots: An Art-oriented Matchmaking Event for the St.Louis Region” to bring those two camps into closer dialog.

Sure, she might not have seen your best side, but you don't deserve this kind of treatment do you? She's elegant, posh and isn't going to fall for your tricks.Is there a mystery hidden behind her perfectly maintained lashes? Dog owners are well known for lavishing care and attention on their beloved pets.The event aimed to increase artists’ understanding of what galleries, venues and museums are looking for in terms of local artwork.

Artists from various neighborhoods and disciplines were also invited to provide 15-minute presentations on their work.

Hallo Hasso plays music tailored towards canine ears.