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Most were lode mines that produced a by product of gold. Joe River, in T45N R3, 4 and 9E, many area mines produced lode gold.

Eagle City Park is a 35 acre privately owned recreational gold prospecting/mining park located in the Coeur d’Alene National Forest at the old townsite of Eagle City in North Idaho.

So in that spirit, this is my list of the nine best U.

You make collages from materials found in scrapbooks gathered from long Saturday drives into the country, where you scour abandoned farmhouses and garage sales. The newest artist has just arrived at his cabin next door, and he can’t find matches to light his wood-burning stove. “Here,” you say, “let me light your fire.” There isn’t any electricity in Provincetown. You look up and see that he’s watching you with mocking blue eyes. What she doesn’t say is that you can shop for love there as easily as you can shop for local varieties of sweet, crisp apples and artisinal hand-blown water glasses. He constantly asks you to marry him, but you’re so happy with the way things are that you keep putting him off. The next week you’re at an opening at the Walker Art Center, and an artist-in-residence sporting work boots surprises you with his take on Miley Cyrus’s evolution as a young feminist.

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