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11-Sep-2017 19:13

When I witnessed your cross exchange with the ticket guy, and queried with my husband as to what had happened, I felt a defensive urge to say something. I will assume, as the probability will be higher than not, that you live locally. I checked (I have to; I’m travelling for half an hour to get there).

Let me try and explain properly what I meant to say now. Again, this is an assumption, but on the basis of probability, I imagine that one day last week, you and your Dad decided you’d like to see Rogue One and would go together. And they did actually tell you at the time of purchase – therefore you did have a chance to change your mind and get a refund. The subtitles don’t affect your ability to understand the dialogue in the film.

I imagine you’ve forgotten about the woman who approached you just before Christmas, when you went to the cinema to see the latest film of the Star Wars saga; Rogue One.

Just after you’d been grumpy at the man checking the tickets, and walked off in a huff towards the screen, I was the one that came over and said “Excuse me”.

Please treat each other with the kind of reverence you’d expect from other members.

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As hearing loss may be new to some now, later, as individuals grow into it, they will find the tools and resources to help them succeed. Hearing loss may be permanent, but your functionality doesn’t cease. Those of us with hearing loss will adapt, it is the world around that does not adapt.I may not hear very well, but I function just fine. What’s wrong with the term ‘hearing impaired,’ they wanted to know?The term ‘hearing impaired’ is so integrated into our language that no one thinks twice about what it really means.Profanity or any kind of insolent behavior to other members (regardless of rank) will not be tolerated.

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Remember, what you don’t find offensive can be offensive to other members.

The term ‘impaired’ implies something is wrong and needs to be fixed.

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