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30-Oct-2017 01:28

Upon making these remarkable findings, which would shock an unbiased scientific world, Dr.Osmanagich was immediately attacked by the mainstream media, accused of orchestrating a hoax designed to bring money to his native Bosnia.The artefacts has different sizes and different materials and has been found on different structures and tunnels around the Bosnian pyramids and Visoko.We need to remember that there is no great answers, yet, to these artefacts and what the ancient builders were thinking about when they shaped or made them.

As I stated at the press conference, held on the last day of the conference, I consider this to be one of the most important archaeological excavations going on at this time on our planet.

There has been many artefacts that has been discovered since 2005 and some of them are very interesting and could give us an understanding in which civilization or culture we are dealing with.

There is no doubt that the builders of the Bosnian pyramids were very connected to the nature and we can see that by studying some of the artefacts very close.

There has, of course, been found artefacts that cannot be natural and must have some human-intervention.

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I have some pictures of some different artefacts that are one of the most interesting foundings that has been found in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids.

Semir Osmanagich in 2005, there has been many excavations on the different structures and the two tunnels in Visoko.

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