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Onsen are separated by the sexes, but it’s still intimidating walking butt-naked into a room full of strangers with only a small handtowel to preserve your privacy.

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Hair loss from chemotherapy is a common occurrence. As women, we may often feel our femininity is compromised and our outward beauty stolen from us as a result of our treatment.

So with that in mind, AWOL set out in Tokyo and its surrounds to find a few quintessential Japanese experiences that really will push you outside of your comfortable cultural bubble.

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— Tracy While testifying in family court during her divorce trial, Sally began to wonder why her husband and his attorney began smiling and smirking following several comments by Sally regarding the “work trip” she took in 2014 to San Francisco.

Sally’s body slunk in the witness seat as the family judge glared at her. Technology can have a powerful impact in modern divorce cases.

Here are several interesting facts that you may not be aware, which might apply to your divorce case: Always follow these eight simple steps before a divorce case is ever filed (or as soon as possible thereafter): 1.