Cheaper than dating under age dating law

24-Aug-2017 07:17

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New studies say online dating is not only an efficient way of finding your would-be spouse, but also more cost-effective than the old-fashioned methods of seeking out love. And now, according to market strategists at Converg Ex Group, a New York-based global brokerage company, online data can also save a person thousands of dollars.

Researchers tell us about one-third of new marriages in the U. The Converg Ex folks, using data from, note the average courtship time for “off-line,” traditional dating ahead of a marriage runs around 42 months – or two years longer than the 18.5-month, average dating-to-marriage cycle for people who meet online. Related: The Economics Of Valentine's Day: The Money Behind The Love “At a conservative estimate of one date per week and a cost of 0 per date – 0 for a meal and drinks at a nice restaurant, plus for two movie tickets and popcorn – the dating phase prior to an offline marriage runs up a ,660 tab,” Converg Ex said.

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I recommend wearing trash cans on your heads to avoid any accidental exposure to knowledge.And significantly, from a purely economic viewpoint, is the fact the marriage rates are reportedly dropping faster among people with less education."Declining marriage rates among those with lower levels of educational attainment is a warning sign that is worth watching," says Converg Ex, "especially if the trend continues." Read the original article on Benzinga. Interestingly, the more disparate their incomes, the more they saved.

Of course, the benefit decreases if you earn a very similar income to your spouse, like 40% of dual-income couples today.Pointy-Haired Boss: [To himself] The best choice for Employee of the Month is...