Dating antique tools

20-Oct-2017 20:01

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Practical fittings in metal such as hinges, lock plates, drawer handles and protective plates at edges or feet are used, and often given considerable emphasis, but compared to classic fine European furniture purely decorative metal mounts were rare.

I have been using Starrett tools for many years for I believe they are the finest precision measuring tools ever made.

There are different approaches for determining the authenticity of antique paintings: - verifying authenticity through a purely stylistic evaluation - verifying the authenticity of a painting by means of objective tests of the ageing of the material - verifying the authenticity of a painting with the use of scientific instrumental methods.

The combined results of the stylistic, material and scientific investigations will permit the establishing of the compatibility of the painting with presumed elements or its inauthenticity.

I used them during my employment in the woodworking trade (1947-1950) and later in the aircraft manufacturing field.

The first craftsman I worked for as an apprentice held Starrett precision measuring tools in great esteem, as did my father who used them exclusively in his capacity as a production line inspector during WWII.

We are currently selling antique tools that originate from a collection that numbered over 15,000 antique tools before the original owner died and left the task of disbursing it to his heirs.

If you are looking to buy vintage and antique tools please visit that site.

If you have antique woodworking tools similar to those you see on this page that you want to sell, please contact us at Antiq [email protected] details and we will get back to you ASAP.

On this page are a series of pictures and information about types of vintage & antique woodworking tools and planes that I buy, sell and deal in.

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I will discuss different types of tools we are seeking and provide some information about their values.Condition, rarity, and desirability all play a part in the value of antique tools. This first plane shown is known as a Victor block plane.