Dating coupling and mate selection

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Features extensive boxed material accompanied by questions for personal reflection. Ways of Studying and Explaining Marriages and Families. 358Supporting Marriages and Families 359Summary 359Key Terms 360Questions for Study and Reflection 360Additional Resources 360Power, Abuse, and Violence in Intimate Relationships 362The Roots of Family Violence: A Historical Context 364Violence against Women 364Violence against Children 365Violence against the Elderly 365Violence against Siblings 366Myths About Violence and Abuse 366Family Violence and U. Culture 367The Media 368Physical Assault: The Case of Battered Women 370What Is Woman Battering? 373Theories of Spousal or Partner Abuse 375Why Do Women Remain in Abusive Relationships?

Understanding Gender: Its Influence In Intimate Relationships. 377Confronting Intimate Violence 378The Sexual Assault of Women 379Rape Myths 380Rape and Race 380Blaming the Victim 380Marital Rape 380The Criminal Justice Response to Woman Assault 382Attitudes and Behaviors 382Have We Made Progress?

John specifically sought out an Asian woman for a partner because "Asian women treat western men better than a white woman might".

Edelisa thought a western man would be "better than a Filipino husband" because they're more responsible and provide better for their children.

Even if the couple eventually conceives, many first pregnancies result in miscarriage, an emotionally-devastating and physically stressful outcome, and one often without sufficient explanation as to why. " There may be several factors contributing to this all-too-common situation.

100Lee's Six Styles of Loving 101Love Versus Friendship, Infatuation, and Liking 102Close Friendship Versus Love 102Infatuation Versus Love 104Liking Versus Love 104Some Theories of Love 105The Wheel Theory of Love 105The Theory of Love as a Story 107Love Stories 107Love as a Social Exchange 108Love as Limerence 108Love Across Gender, Sexuality, and Race 110Gender Differences in Love Relationships 110Lesbian and Gay Love Relationships 111Female-Male Relationships Across Race and Ethnicity 112Obstacles to Love and Loving Relationships 115Demographic Factors and Social and Cultural Change 115Traditional Gender Role Socialization 116Patriarchy as an Obstacle to Lesbian Love 116Lack of Trust 117Jealousy and Envy 117Romantic Love Today 120Supporting Marriages and Families 120Summary 121Key Terms 122Questions for Study and Reflection 122Additional Resources 123Dating, Coupling, and Mate Selection 125Mate Selection in Cross-Cultural and Historical Perspective 127Mate Selection Cross-Culturally 127Mate Selection in the United States: A Historical Perspective 129Dating Among Later-Life Adults 132Functions of Dating: Past and Present 133The Intersections of Race, Gender, Class, and Sexual Orientation 135Dating Patterns Among African Americans 135The Impact of Gender 137The Impact of Social Class on the Dating Process 138Lesbian and Gay Dating 139Theories of Mate Selection 141Exchange Theories 141Filter Theories 142Mate Selection: Finding and Meeting Partners 142The Marriage Market and the Pool of Eligibles 143Freedom Versus Constraint in Mate Selection 144Other Factors that Affect Mate Selection 150Personal Qualities and Mate Selection 150Meeting Partners: Where and How 151School, Church, and Work 151Singles' Bars and Gay Bars 153Self-Advertising: Personal Ads 153Dating Clubs and Dating Services 154Computer Dating and the Internet 154Dating in Cyberspace 155The Future of Dating 157Violence in Dating and Intimate Relationships 158Physical Abuse 158Date and Acquaintance Rape 159Breaking up 162Supporting Marriages and Families 162Summary 164Key Terms 164Questions for Study and Reflection 164Additional Resources 165Sexuality and Intimate Relationships 166Human Sexuality: Past and Present 169Jewish Traditions and Human Sexuality 170Christian Traditions and Human Sexuality 170Sexuality in the United States: An Overview 170Sexual Attitudes and Behavior in the Twentieth Century and Beyond 172Sexuality as Social Learning 179Sources of Sexual Learning 181Sexual Orientations 188Heterosexuality 188Homosexuality 189Bisexuality 191Human Sexual Expression 191Sexual Response 191Autoeroticism 191Interpersonal Sexual Behavior 193Sexual Expression Among Lesbians and Gays 194Sexuality Across the Life Cycle 195Nonmarried Sexuality and Pregnancy 195Marital Sexuality: Does Good Sex Make Good Marriages?

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Many women find themselves in an unfortunate predicament after several years of coupling with their partners.

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The story often goes something like this: Countless hours spent searching for a mate finally leads to the appearance of a suitable "Mr.

Lin and Lundquist found that when Internet daters search for potential mates, they are more likely to approach those of the same racial identity as themselves, and a clear racial hierarchy dominates the response process.

In fact, people over 50 are one of the fastest growing segments.… continue reading »

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