Enfp dating infp

23-Nov-2017 01:57

Those fortunate enough to be around healthy INFPs feel like they can achieve anything.The rich inner world of the INFP, and their interpretation of endless possibilities, can give us hope and a welcomed distraction in our times of struggle.

The ENFP will be startled for a moment, then make a goofy face. " The natural partner for the ENFP is the INTJ Mastermind. They are anti-social, and do not hang out at social gatherings.Before a Relationship Being introverts, INFJs may appear reserved at first.However, they are extremely adept at relating to people on a one-by-one basis.While some INFJs may take advantage of this ability, it is generally not within their value system to manipulate others for their own gain.

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Meanwhile, some INFJs are so considerate of other people's feelings that they become anxious when flirting, afraid of causing the other person discomfort.

In fact, they tend to become the confidante of their inner circle of friends due to their exceptional ability to nurture others and guide them through their problems.

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