Vera scarves dating

05-Sep-2017 11:09

She credits her sense of style to her years of working and traveling to Europe with Cavalli, who was pioneering the technique of printed and embossed leather and suede.“I was fascinated with his truly unique mixing of patterns and colors and that really got me focused on combining and mixing vibrant colors for my scarves,” says Rohe.The city also boasts Johnson Hall, a pre-Revolutionary State historic site that I’ve wanted to visit for a while.Today is all about vintage finds, though, so come back later in the week to hear more about Johnson Hall.For example, I just saw Vera napkins advertised in a Christmas Tree Shoppe flyer. Their beautiful graphics have been speaking to me lately.I’m not familiar with this brand, but it’s definitely vintage, constructed of 30% silk and 70% vinal (vinyl? That means a special scarf post coming up sometime soon…

With the designs for her scarves in mind she opened her own showroom – Bernie of New York – on Seventh Avenue.The History of Vera What would one day become the vast Vera empire began humbly in the years immediately following the Second World War: In the New York City apartment the designer shared with her husband and business partner, George Neumann, Vera, who had studied art and design at New York City's Cooper Union, transformed her kitchen table into a workstation where she silk-screened botanical motifs onto linen place mats.Werner Hamm, hand-delivered these early creations to the Fifth Avenue department store B.Estate sales in older, upscale neighborhoods are frequently good sources for fine examples.

You may even find some designer scarves lurking amidst the goods. This week-end, temperatures reached almost 90 degrees and the humidity was terrible.